Work Experience

Work Experience 12A & 12B (4 credits per course)

Required:  Excellent attendance & work ethic

The Work Experience 12 courses provide students with the opportunity to experience a variety of work placements and occupations of their choosing.  By completing 100 to 120 hours of on-site work throughout the term, students will be able to confirm whether certain occupations are right for them.  Students do not meet regularly in a classroom, as these courses convene each day for students somewhere in the community.

So, why take these courses?  You can test your future, perhaps get part-time work, increase your satisfaction with work, and do better in school.  Research shows that WEX 12 students generally do better in their studies (Ministry of Education, 1993).  There are no exams and no papers, just you working in a variety of jobs to get a glimpse of your future.  There is some required paperwork done before, during, and after your work placement.

Contact –
Susan Enns, District Career Education Teacher
District Careers Office, Room 311, Charles Hays Secondary School