Work Experience (WEX 12)

Students must qualify for WEX12, by matching a selected menu of courses in six Focus area – Business, Fine Arts, Fitness/Recreation, Health & Human Services; Liberal Arts & Humanities; and Science. Refer to the course selection book to see if you  qualify. Then contact your counsellor to discuss.

Students will earn four Grade 12 credits for completing 100 hours of work experience in the community. These hours are done during the school day and are scheduled into a student’s timetable so as not interfere with other studies. All work sites are open to students regardless of their Focus Area. Most students will most likely attend at least three placements depending on their daily hours worked and how many placements are needed to total 100 hours.

This course allows students an opportunity to test their future occupational choices: the nature of that work, the people that usually work in that field, and other aspects. As you think about post secondary studies, some institutions (university, college, technical and trade schools) are asking students to have previous volunteer experience in related areas, WEX 12 will satisfy that requirement. You can download WEX 12 Course Info.

Special Needs Work Experience

Special Education students access work experience through their school programs. Students are usually placed for 2 days a week, 2 hours daily over a four to five week period. Several placements per year can be organized.

For more information on WEX 12, please ask your Counsellor or contact Susan Enns, District Career Education Teacher: Room 311,email ( or phone (250-624-5031)



WEX 12 Registration

WEX 12 students – ready to register?

Before you can register, ensure you have selected at least FOUR placement sites.  SIX, however, would be better.  Once you have registered, you will be notified by email that you were successful. Download the Placement Book – Full Description or  Placement Index Listing to make those choices.

Be sure to hand your resume in as soon as possible. It will take two weeks to place you after you have registered and handed in your resume. Need help publishing or updating your resume? Download a resume.

If you have misplaced any of your program information package, you can download the WEX 12 Placement Info of which you must get a signature for your Confidentiality Oath.

You will need Acrobat Reader to open these documents.

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