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Career Programs Information – Work Experience:

Students currently must have 30 hours of work experience to earn a secondary school Dogwood diploma. This requirement, for most students, is usually met by their volunteer hours or paid employment. However, if by Grade 12, students have not earned that 30 hours, they can use the Work Experience program to do so.

WEX12 is a four credit Grade 12 elective in which students must complete 100 hours of work experience usually completed at two to four placement sites. Those placements occur during the school day without interfering with the other subjects in a student’s timetable.

All work experience placements are covered by Workers Compensation Board (WCB) and school district liability insurance. Safety equipment is usually provided by most employers except for safety toed (steel) foot wear (either shoes or boots). The district has some boots for use, but be warned that the size availability is very limited and may not be safely worn by your student.

Work placements, unless programmed into a student’s timetable, will occur after school until business close. Those being placed during the school day will not miss any other classes due to work experience. There is a time allowance for transportation to and from school for any work placements. That transportation is the responsibility of the student.

Once placed, there is a very strict attendance and late policy in effect. Students are given one opportunity to correct any problems before being pulled from their worksite due to excessive tardiness and lack of attendance. Employers volunteer to open their doors to our students, and should be treated with the utmost courtesy by having students attend on time and every day as detailed by the work experience agreement.

Parents are required to sign this agreement prior to the start of any work placement along with another form called the “Worksite Rules & Guidelines”.

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