Youth Work in Trades

Youth Work in TradesĀ is a program that enables a student to begin their practical on the job training for an apprenticeable trade while attending high school and at the same time, earning and completing credits to graduate. It requires a student to be hired by a tradesperson or a business employing tradespersons who is willing to indenture the student in that trade. Students can earn 4 credits towards their secondary school graduation for every 120 hours successfully completed on the job (summer and part-time employment during the school year). A total of 16 credits (WRK 11A, 11B, 12A & 12B) can be earned. You can download the brochure for students or for employers.

For more information:

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Contact Susan Enns, Career Education Teacher: Room 311, email or phone 250-624-5031 2211

How does an apprenticeship work? Watch this video: