Intro to Trades


School District No. 52 Prince Rupert is pleased to offer Intro to Trades 10 during the second semester of the school year. The Intro to Trades 10 program is a partnership between the School District No. 52 Prince Rupert and Northwest Community College in which a group of students experience a sampling of trades while continuing their academic studies. Intro to Trades 10 enables students to have a better understanding of possible career pathways in trades.


Northwest Community College and Charles Hays Secondary School.

How it works

Students are split into two cohorts – one cohort works in the shop for the morning while the other cohort is in the classroom doing their academics. They switch for the afternoon.

The Time in the Shop

The students are under the direction of the college instructor for half the day. There are regularly scheduled breaks and lunch, all at the discretion of the instructor and the students. The students are engaged in classroom learning and hands on projects within each area of trades instruction.

The final list is yet to be confirmed, but here are potential trades that can be offered in the program:

  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical (Automotive, Small Engine and Heavy Duty)
  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Plumbing
  • Welding

The Day in the Classroom

The most exciting piece of this project is the shift in instructional pedagogy with the three academic subjects. The students are with the same teacher half the day covering their English, Social Studies and Planning in the weeks they are with the teacher. The teacher integrates the three subjects and uses inquiry based learning with direct relevance to trades and career options.

The Intro to Trades model allows for complete flexibility for fields trips, instructional activities, etc.


Meet with your Counsellor to help plan the program.